..⠀things i love⠀⠀cats. music. horror. plants. iced coffee. science. spicy foods. tokusatsu. asian/uk dramas. sleeping.

..⠀things i hate⠀⠀math. clutter. spiders. cringey terms. hot weather. ravioli. pork chops. early mornings. insensitivity.

..11 OCTOBER 2002..

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@B4NDIZ says suzuki dog collar moment 🤨

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いぬかい あつひろ


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i’m a pre-medicine student (sophomore) studying biology and researching cancer (...)

@my-faves – 06:13 PM

oshi atsuhiro inukai semi-faves eiji akaso, haruka fukuhara, david tennant, watcher (yt)

@byf – 10:11 PM

i swear often. i don't condone my faves' actions. lmk if i do or say something wrong.

@dnfi – 12:54 AM

basic dni criteria. anti my faves or kr build. whitewash celebrities.

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unapologetically i adore hot villains. i struggle with childhood apraxia of speech, so my sentences can be read awkwardly...

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kr build • cherry magic • bbc ghosts • rick and morty • bfu • dr who